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Market Your Tourism Destination with Promotional Products

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Market Your Tourism Destination with Promotional Products

Market Your Tourism Destination with Promotional Products

We don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to market your tourist destination. That’s because you aren’t selling a product, but rather an experience. What’s required to be successful is a highly planned out marketing strategy to ensure you stand out among the competition.

Pros and Cons of Marketing a Tourist Destination

Marketing your tourist destination has several pros and cons that go with it. Let’s talk about one of the significant advantages of marketing your experience.

Wherever you are, there are plenty of supporting businesses in the area. You can use the nearby hotels, restaurants and shopping centers in the area to help you promote your business. Establishing relationships with them should be a top priority. Don’t forget to leave some promotional products with them.

With that said, there is something to consider that will hinder your marketing. Many businesses with a tourist client base tend to be seasonal. You will need to employ some clever marketing tactics if you want to overcome this obstacle. Aside from offering off-season discounts to your customers, don’t forget that promotional products are vital to building long-lasting relationships.

Best Strategies for Marketing a Tourist Destination

We have some key strategies for you to consider when marketing your tourist experience. Whether you are selling skydiving, white water rafting, theme park tickets or zip lining adventures, these principles can help guide you to success.

1. Establish Your Strategy

Nothing is going to help you better than having a plan. You must stand out, especially if your experience has competition in the area. Create a clear marketing plan and put it into action. If you aren’t sure how to do this, don’t be afraid to get professional guidance.

2. Get Creative

Don’t become stuck in the box when it comes to marketing. You want to get creative and have some fun. If you are enjoying yourself, your target audience will see that and will want to be a part of the action as well.

3. Share Reviews

Start by finding some fantastic reviews written about your business. In today’s day and age, it’s simple to find glowing recommendations on Instagram, Facebook and more. Find the content and share it on your platform. It’s free content that helps promote you to others.

4. Target Influencers

Reach out to some influencers in the area. Provide them with the experience for themselves in exchange for some publicity. It’s amazing what a top blogger or influencer can do for your brand.

5. Start a Loyalty Program

It’s time to build your company a tribe with a loyalty program. People love to receive rewards for their spending. You can also offer something extra for referrals. Just make sure you have some promotional products to give away that will make people want to work for you.

6. Thank People Publicly

When you see someone saying something exceptional about your business online, thank them publicly. Go above and beyond by asking them to private message you with their address for a gift. These acts of kindness won’t just impress the reviewer, but will also show potential visitors that you care.

7. Give it Your All

Whatever you decide to do, don’t get lazy with it. You want to put your all behind the plan you set out to accomplish. That’s the only way you can achieve success.

Promotional Products to Enhance Your Tourist Destination

There’s no limit to what CanPromos can do for your tourist destination. Whether you want to give away bags stuffed with products your visitors will love, or you want to keep it simple; we can help. With promotional products, you can provide needs your clients never knew they had. For example, if you own a whitewater rafting business, don’t forget to stock a supply of apparel with your logo on it. Chances are, customers will be in need of dry clothes when they are done and you will have them ready to sell.

If you own a zip lining business, why not promote your experience locally by giving some custom carabiner keychains to potential clients. In most any tourism-related business, you can be sure that people will need water. Supply them with reusable bottles imprinted with your logo. Not only will they be grateful, but they will continue to promote your brand everywhere they travel.

We Are Here to Help You

As the travel season embarks upon us, it’s time to put some strategies in place. At CanPromos, we have the experience you want as you attempt to bring in more clients. Contact one of our specialists today and we will tailor some personalized gear that helps you to make your mark this summer.

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