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Top 10 Summer Promotional Items for Warm Weather Fun

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Top 10 Summer Promotional Items for Warm Weather Fun

Top 10 Summer Promotional Items for Warm Weather Fun

The warm, sunny weather of summer is perfect for playing in the water and relaxing outside. It’s also the ideal time to work on your marketing strategy. With the right promotional items, your customers will grow to appreciate you even more. Here are the top 10 Summer Promotional Items ideas you might consider using for your upcoming summer events.

1. Canvas Totes

These carry everything needed for a fun day at the beach. Brand these custom tote bags with your logo and it becomes a billboard that travels around town. It’s an inexpensive option for mobile marketing.

2. Koozies

Everyone wants to have a cold drink by their side during summer, but these promotional Koozies have a larger purpose. It helps to spread your name during picnics, ball games and on the fishing pier.

3. Sunscreen

When the sun is out, you want to help protect your clients with a promotional sunscreen bottle. This small gift shows your concern and comes in convenient packaging. It’s not only a smart way to market but also a customer favorite.

4. Umbrellas

You can still market your business when the weather is stormy. Of course, umbrellas help people stay cool on hot days as well, so they can be used at any time. Expose more people to your business by printing your information on the pop-up.

5. Hand Fans

Think of all the places your name will travel to on a hand fan. These portable devices keep your clients cool when there is no breeze. Print it with your simple logo and a list of services. You will find that it is an inexpensive way to promote your business during sporting events.

6. Flip-Flops & Hats

Everyone wants to be comfortable during the summer. Not only do hats and custom flip-flops help everyone remain cool and casual, but both items promote your business. These promotions are an essential part of summer wardrobes, but they are often worn year-round.

7. Sunglasses

Along with the hat and flip-flops, it would be just as valuable to share custom sunglasses with your clients. They are needed anytime the sun is shining brightly and come in a variety of styles. Clients will wear them during outdoor events and promote your business all day long.

8. Reusable Water Bottles

Choose a folding or custom collapsible water bottle to show your clients how clever you are. They won’t pollute the beaches and are wiser than disposable bottles. Your water bottle will never go into the trash and customers will continue to promote your business.

9. Frisbees and Beach Balls

Promote your love of fun by giving away some inexpensive items such as custom frisbees & promotional beach balls with branded with your logo for brand awareness. As these toys fly through the air, everyone will get to see your company name.

10. Carriers and Cooler Bags

The summer recreational scene offers the ideal setting for carriers and custom cooler bags. There’s a large range of models that provide flexibility with your budget while giving your clients true value.

At Canpromos, we specialize in branding promotional items with your information. We only supply high-quality products that your clients will love. Whether you want to give away some baseball caps or sunglasses, everything we offer has real value. Your investment today helps to promote your business well into the future.

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